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We are a fast-paced, rapidly growing company based out of Miami, FL looking to grow a team of high-performers. Four established brands operate under the global success of KT Merry Photography, which has fueled increased offerings and revenue every year since 2007 as service-, product- and education-based companies. Because of this exponential growth, we are currently looking for a full-time Assistant Project Manager.

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We specialize in luxury destination weddings and editorials across the globe. We work with professionals at the top of our industry serving elite (sometimes celebrity) clients. Privacy is paramount to our clients, as is professionalism, discretion, and signing non-disclosure agreements. In addition to our wedding work, we also have two fine art print shops selling artwork to interior designers and to discerning clients. Lastly, we offer education for photographers and  launch online several times per year. 
Our finished products look glamorous and anyone who works in luxury products/services knows that there is an incredible amount of hard work that happens behind-the-scenes to create that effortless, magical, end result. You will be an integral part of the behind-the-scenes team.

who we are
what we do

this position is a perfect fit for you if you...

~ Are eager to seek out solutions and passionate about learning
~ Are renowned for your attention to detail, juggling is your superpower
~ Have a proven track record as a high-functioning communicator
~ Are able to navigate tight deadlines, and sticky situations with grace
~ Work well with people and can quickly build rapport
~ Take ownership and pride in your work, embrace new challenges, quickly adapt to changes on-the-fly, and create organization and simplicity out of even the most chaotic circumstances
~ Are honest and direct, yet diplomatic, and have an all-hands-on-deck mentality
~ Are tech-savvy, always seeking to learn and master new platforms and programs

about our brands

KT Merry Photography is a luxury destination photography team serving a global clientele.. KT Merry and her partner Chad Keffer shoot exclusive destination weddings, editorials, and bridal campaigns across the globe for designers like Monique Lhuillier. KT is consistently recognized as a top wedding photographer by media outlets including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Brides, People Magazine and Martha Stewart Weddings.

Now, along with her husband and business partner, Chad, KT is sharing her knowledge with photographers looking to refine their businesses and create purpose-filled lives. KT Merry Courses launched The Abundance Plan digital course for photographers in early 2020 and is preparing for its fourth launch in the Fall of 2021.

In addition to being consistently recognized as a top wedding photographer, KT Merry is also celebrated for her fine art photography and is known for creating natural, ethereal, painterly portraits and capturing fleeting moments that seem to freeze both time and emotion. Through the KT Merry Print Shop, KT Merry brings awe, wonderment and adventure into your home and life through artfully curated fine-art printed photographs.

Created by photographer KT Merry as a means of creating connection across species and borders, Render Loyalty seeks to support solutions to the perils facing our world’s animals. Through fine art film photography of threatened species in the wild, Render Loyalty aims to bring the conversation and hope of conservation to your most sacred of places—your home. Each fine art print purchase directly supports the invariable work of the world’s leading wildlife conservancies, in turn inspiring hope, cultivating awareness and ensuring a future for the magnificent animals we love.


(tasks associated with the role)

This role can be broken down into 4 main categories:
+ Executive
+ Growth
+ Operations
+ Fulfillment

~ Assist project manager and leadership team to manage the team (internal core team, virtual assistants, launch contractors, etc.), implement tasks delegated from Project Manager, delegate specific tasks to our virtual assistant team, execute on special projects, point out/improve efficiencies. Attend weekly team meetings and capture meeting notes in an effective and efficient way. You will also be responsible for attending and contributing all planning meetings.

~ Work with the growth team to execute launches/promotions and ensure the digital marketing team is hitting their daily, weekly and monthly goals to expand our following and reach.

~ The Assistant Project Manager will be responsible for overall office management, assisting the Project Manager with team morale and gift giving, ordering supplies, etc.

~ This role will assist our Fulfillment Team to onboard new clients, students, contractors, etc., and support our customer support team. It will be extremely important that the Assistant Project Manager has their problem solving eyes on at all times to ensure we fix any inefficiencies that may impact our students and clients. 


~ Execute and report on projects and tasks inside our project management system
~ Attend weekly team meetings and record meeting notes so each team member knows what is expected of them for the week
~ Create a system to track the team ROI and bandwidth
~ Send weekly progress reports to leadership team
~ Gather scorecard KPIs before our team meeting + assist the Project Manager in analyzing this data
~ Communicate with launch contractors (send timelines, track status and approvals, close out projects)
~ Organize and maintain our Google Drive and Dropbox
~ Communicate with core team and virtual assistants on project visions, expectations, and due dates
~ Monitor gift assignments (for both internal team and external contractors)
~ Proof read all emails
~ Conduct weekly website audits and ensure there are no typos or broken links
~ Create document system for internal team so that all documents are structured and organized
~ Compile launch debrief for leadership team
~ Update master launch tracking documents so every link is up to date
~ Implement post launch checklist and prep us for upcoming launches
~ Create and organize SOPs so every team members knows exactly how to implement a task
~ Update and maintain our project management system so the entire team knows what is expected of them each day, week, month and quarter and so our leadership team can see the team’s bandwidth and project statuses.
~ Lead and implement special projects on a quarterly basis (lead magnet audit, portfolio and optimization audit, etc.)
~ Communicate with team to schedule meetings
~ Monitor recurring tasks
~ Create project boards and portfolios for team members
~ Create processes 
~ Contribute ideas for how we can enhance and improve in all areas of the business


(expected accomplishments)

~ To remain top in the photography industry in a way that informs our audience that KT Merry is an educator, thought leader and an expert in her field.
~ To create 90-day, 60-day, 30-day and 2 week project plans for team members, departments and business
~Hitting quarterly and yearly goal metrics
~ Attend weekly team meetings within working hours and provide valuable feedback, insights and ideas
~ Growing and managing a growth team of high performers

assistant project  manager requirements

We are looking for someone who is hungry to learn how to be a part of a fast paced impactful business and eager to step in and take responsibility. The requirements of the role apply to the type of person you are!

*Must be highly, HIGHLY organized and structured
*Must be someone who TAKES INITIATIVE and is PROACTIVE
*Must be highly DETAIL-ORIENTED
*Must be willing to juggle multiple tasks at once without forgetting details or missing deadlines
*You're not easily overwhelmed and you love managing lots of moving pieces of a project.
*You're big into personal development and strive to become a better version of yourself every single day.

This job description is not all-inclusive and certain activities, duties or responsibilities may be required of the employee as needed.


Please take this Meyers Briggs personality test and send results, a brief intro (a video recording is greatly encouraged), and your resume to with the subject line: ASSISTANT PROJECT MANAGER - Your Name

*Note: people of color, women, LGBTQIAA+, and allies are encouraged to apply