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Behold I do not give lectures or a little charity, when I give I give myself.

Walt Whitman

Giving Back
Giving Back

Giving Back

At the core of what we do, our art and lives, we yearn to make a difference and create beauty in an uncertain world. Capturing joyous moments, family bonds and once-in-a-lifetime events is an honor and a steadfast reminder of our connections to one another.

At KT Merry, we constantly strive to minimize our environmental footprint and be ecologically responsible in both our business and life. In that same spirit, we also seek to impact the causes most dear to our hearts as animal lovers and devoted conservationists.

Having rescued our own dog Axl, we became volunteers and foster parents at our local Humane Society. You can read about our adventures in fostering in this post on The Good Beginning.

Our annual holiday tradition at KT Merry involves donating to our favorite charities. Some of those include: Best Friends, Elephant Sanctuary, Save the Elephants, and Dogs on Deployment.

The Simply Wild Series

Exploring the raw beauty and mystifying spirit of the wild American Mustang, KT Merry captures their beauty on film.

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Giving Back

Lastly, having been an equestrian and horse lover her entire life, KT combines her passions and has photographed horses for her personal works for over a decade. She shares this work in the new KT Merry Fine Art Print Shop with her Equus series. From polo ponies to ranch horses to wild mustangs, KT captures the beauty and power that horses exude. The photographic series Simply Wild, focused on American Mustangs, donates 10% of all retail sales to the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign aimed at preserving these American icons where they belong - in the wild.

Create beauty in an uncertain world

Looking to give back through your own wedding celebrations?

Here are some of our favorite companies that help you to pay it forward:
Giving Back

Render Loyalty

Breathtaking photographic artwork that supports threatened animals and the conservations that protect them.

In 2016, KT and Chad founded Render Loyalty — a company that uses fine art photography to generate financial support for organizations at the forefront of threatened species conservation.