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Leslie + Ido

Leslie + Ido

Bridgeport, California

Ride Away With Me

This cowgirl and cowboy found the perfect match in each other. And the Hunewill Ranch, a piece of heaven in Northern California, provided the most beautiful setting for the perfect engagement photo shoot.


For 155 years, my family has owned the ranch on which we had our engagement photos shot. I’m the sixth generation to grow up on and make a living from this land, and I know every creek, hill, meadow, and high spot from which to see the amazing view. This place is so much a part of me that I wanted to capture that essence in our engagement session – the man I love, the life I love, and the land I love, all encapsulated in a photo that I would have for years to come. A photo that could remind me of all those things if life got a little bit hard, or things seemed impossible. Living on a ranch is hard work, and I wouldn’t trade that for the world – I love seeing the birth of a calf, feeling a colt’s velvety soft muzzle under my fingertips, smelling the fresh greenness of grass growing after a long cold winter, riding across the open meadows on a favorite horse, and so many other small details that make this place special. It speaks to me on such a deep visceral level that there wasn’t a thought of any other location to have the photos taken.

Leslie + Ido
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