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Claire + Tony

Claire + Tony

Florence, Italy

American Love in Florence

Two Americans who met during their final year at Northwestern University followed their work to Italy and found themselves engaged and living abroad in one of the world's most romantic cities - Florence. To document their love of travel and this adventurous time in their life we photographed Claire and Tony (and their darling lab, Louie) in their new home amidst the history and busy culture that makes Florence such a magical place. The birthplace of the Renaissance is the perfect place to begin a love story... 

Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life.

Anna Akhmatova
Claire + Tony
Kind Words

Our engagement session gave us the opportunity to document our time living abroad and the session was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We were so grateful for the opportunity to work with KT and Chad in a low-key situation before the chaos of our wedding day so we could get to know them and get comfortable behind the lens! They were both professional, personable and friendly and made our engagement session such a fun and relaxing experience.

As soon as we received our engagement photos we knew we made the right decision-- probably the only decision we made regarding the wedding that we didn't stress over! KT and Chad were our dream photographers and it was an incredible opportunity to work with such a talented and creative husband and wife team. We will always cherish our engagement photos because they represent our love for travel and our time living abroad in a city that has played such a huge role in our relationship.

Claire + Tony
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