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‘What are you reading right now?’ is my favorite question. Check out what I’ve been digging into these past few months.

hearst ranch

With no shortage of history, heart and—my favorite—horses, Alexis Hearst and Michael Howard’s wedding celebration proved there really is no place like home.

chateau de vaux le vicomte

KT Merry x Harold James At Chateau de Vaux-le-Vicomte It’s no secret that my love of France and the French culture runs deep, in no small part for the amazing food, music, and romantic moments that seem inevitably waiting around every street corner or unplanned afternoon stroll. But I don’t dare underestimate the grandeur of […]

kt merry presets

Learn how to edit beautiful wedding images using KT Merry Presets x Refined Co. KT Merry walks you through her post-production editing workflow.

KT Merry interviews Lelian Chew of The Wedding Atelier and The Floral Atelier about her role as one of the most successful women in her industry.

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've spent the past decade capturing love and chasing beauty across the globe, and I believe every story like yours is different and special, and deserves to be told exceptionally. 

Drawing on years of experience in the fashion and editorial photography industry, my photographs are graceful, honest and boldly natural, while completely intentional.  Whether it’s the opportunity to narrate the retelling of once-in-a-lifetime wedding days,  or the ability to communicate issues of global importance, or all the stories in between, I look at photography as the method by which I get to leave the world a little better than I found it.




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What we’ve spent the last decade learning as we built our business, we share with up-and-coming, soul-driven photographers who want to change the world with their work.

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For a moment, time stands still—
a memory is captured,                                         and pure magic happens.

For a moment, time stands still— a memory   is captured,                                    and pure magic happens.

a look is 

a look is immortalized,


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