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Behind the Scenes with KT Merry + Harper’s Bazaar In November, I shared my favorite images from our dream shoot with Harper’s Bazaar in China. I’m still floating from the opportunity to shoot such exquisite gowns in beautiful mainland China with a best-of-the-best production crew. It truly takes a village to create magic, and I’m excited to […]

A Reflection of Gratitude “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” — Eleanor Roosevelt So many of our dreams came true this year, from an incredible first (of many) trips to China to shoot with Harper’s Bazaar to the launch of my preset collection with Refined Presets. I feel like […]

Chelsea + Conor A timeless celebration infused with meaningful family details was only fitting for a couple brought together by their parents, who are Palm Beach neighbors. The occasional football nods are dedicated to Conor’s grandfather, NFL legend Wellington Mara, while the wedding cake was a sweet reminder of what Chelsea’s grandmother would call her […]

5 game-changing travel tips Whether you are a newlywed jetting off to your honeymoon, or a professional traveling for work, the exhaustion that can accompany travel is real. After over a decade of photographing destination weddings across the globe, I have five game-changing tips and tricks to ensure that no time is wasted when your […]

Michelle + Danny All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know. – Ernest Hemingway Sometimes ‘there’s no place like home’ for a meaningful engagement session, especially if you live by the beach and you have as loveable a third wheel as Lobo, Michelle and Danny’s dog. […]

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've spent the past decade capturing love and chasing beauty across the globe, and I believe every story like yours is different and special, and deserves to be told exceptionally. 

Drawing on years of experience in the fashion and editorial photography industry, my photographs are graceful, honest and boldly natural, while completely intentional.  Whether it’s the opportunity to narrate the retelling of once-in-a-lifetime wedding days,  or the ability to communicate issues of global importance, or all the stories in between, I look at photography as the method by which I get to leave the world a little better than I found it.




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For a moment, time stands still—
a memory is captured,                                         and pure magic happens.

For a moment, time stands still— a memory   is captured,                                    and pure magic happens.

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